Snack time favorites – Raw Crackers are served!

Crackers here, crackers there. Cracker, cracker everywhere – but what makes this one so special eh?

Well, if the fact that they’re raw, vegan and gluten/soy free all in one isn’t enough, then maybe it’s the size of our ingredients list and how easily you’ll find pronouncing every single one of them. Primary ingredients are Flaxmeal and Sunflower seeds along with seasoning depending on the cracker type and maybe another seed type here and there making up this yummy 5oz of goodness.

Can’t go wrong!

And having been dehydrated for almost 24hrs with the added silica gel packages (to absorb any moisture), they’ll remain crisp for a while as long as you keep the bag properly sealed. But even if you forget, just pop them in your oven and set it to 105f for a few hours to crisp them back up. If you aren’t too keen on keeping them raw, increase the heat a bit and reduce the time checking often to ensure they don’t burn.

We offer three varieties (for now)

Cracked Pepper Cracker
(Organic, Raw, Vegan and Gluten/Soy/Nightshade Free)

Not being able to consume nightshades we researched alternatives to still get a bit of that ‘kick’ without the traditional pepper. The answer was amazingly peppercorns. So yes, they sure are peppery! With extra pumpkin and chia seeds, those are our favorite!

Mediterranean Cracker
(Organic, Raw, Vegan and Gluten/Soy/Nightshade Free)

Having created an Olive flavored Flat’bread’ and Rawmmus, we thought no harm in adding a cracker too. And there it is, another ode to the great Kalamata Olive. Pretty rich flavor, and definitely another favorite.

Seasoned (aka Zesty) Cracker
(Organic, Raw, Vegan and Gluten/Soy/Nightshade Free)

The intention was to have a milder flavored cracker that won’t overshadow any other bold flavors it may be paired with, and though we did somewhat achieve that, the flavor is in no way boring, bland or ‘mild’ per se. It just plays well with others. It’s herbal and citrusy but not overpowering so you have the choice whether to pair or not to pair.