Its not exactly your every day ‘bread’, its Raw Flat’bread’!

For lack of a better name, we more than gladly settled on Flat’bread’ since they’re not exactly bread in the conventional sense per se. More so just in terms of its use.

These are a great substitute for those unable to consume Gluten or Soy, with or without a Vegan Raw diet. Even my preschooler loves them and eats them as is, just plain – and he’s one picky eater. These Flat’bread’s are soft, can be easily folded without crumbling or falling apart and are spreadable. And while the varieties on the market have 3 or 5 slices per package, ours have 8 slice packages. The primary ingredient in our Flat’bread’ is none other than Celery (except for our Banana Raisin Flat’bread’), but you probably couldn’t tell just by tasting alone as it takes a huge step back to the other ingredients and seasoning in each variety. Those too will keep for a long time in the freezer. We haven’t been able to keep them longer than a few weeks, though as they go very fast in our kitchen. But, the good news is that they will still be ready to eat without thawing!

We offer four varieties
Mediterranean Flat’bread’
(Organic, Raw, Vegan and Gluten/Soy/Nightshade Free)

The highlight of our Mediterranean product line is none other than Greek Kalamata Olives which helps keep our Flat’bread’s soft. If you haven’t tasted those, you’re truly missing out. One of our favorites, especially for lunch spread with Avocado, some thin Cucumber slices, and a handful of Arugula. Unlike regular bread, a little goes a long way with these Flat’bread’s as they’re not just delicious, but very filling too.

Rye Flat’bread’
(Organic, Raw, Vegan and Gluten/Soy/Nightshade Free)

If you like Rye bread, then you’ll love these. The flavor is very rich and they make great sandwiches so fill them with your favorite. It’ll take a lot to make them crumble, and we have yet to figure out what the magic number might be as we stop short of the ‘kitchen sink’.

Garlic Dill Flat’bread’
(Organic, Raw, Vegan and Gluten/Soy/Nightshade Free)

You can definitely taste the Dill in these Flat’bread’s, but the Garlic is close behind. Pick up a pack today and make your own Raw Gluten Free Lasagna! Just replace the pasta with these Flat’bread’s, top it with some sauce or your favorite fillings as you would with pasta but make sure to serve fresh before they get too soggy!

Banana Raisin Flat’bread’
(Organic, Raw, Vegan and Gluten/Soy/Nightshade Free)

These are our other favorite – and our preschooler agrees. They’re moist, flavorful and healthy – no Celery in this one, but you probably figured out we used Bananas instead. This is delicious for breakfast spread with raw almond butter (though peanut butter works just as well) and/or fruit slices (more Bananas maybe?) Mmmm, great healthy start to the day right here!

Our products do not contain any artificial additives, coloring or preservatives – all ingredients used are prepared from their natural, powdered and/or dried form