Raw Packaged Foods: To freeze or not to freeze

We’ve researched for what seemed like an eternity to make sure our foods were prepared, stored, sold and consumed at the very best they can be.

Unlike cooked foods, raw foods have a higher nutritional value. Yet, that doesn’t automatically mean that it would remain that way forever especially when such foods are perishable or aren’t kept intact nor preserved. That is not to say that despite that they won’t still have greater benefits than their cooked counterparts. In any case, when searching for an answer to the question of whether to freeze or not, you will often come across a variety of articles that will either tell you that freezing undeniably will cause loss of nutrients (like this one) or on the flip side that all is well and great with freezing (like this).

Bottomline: We freeze. Why? Well, what most of the articles we’ve read through failed to address was that packaged raw foods have often already been cut, blended or otherwise processed in one way or another and that in turn means the clock on any loss of their high nutrients has already started ticking. More so, our recipes, for the most part, either contain a fair amount of nuts and/or seeds which when combined together result in a much lower water content and therefore retain more of their nutritional value OR are they’re fully or mostly dehydrated (dried). Therefore, we freeze our products to a. slow down or even halt any level of nutrient loss from the time of preparation up to the point of consumption and b. to ensure that when our products are sold and consumed that they are at their freshest possible state.

But if you really prefer your foods as fresh as can be, you can now message us on facebook, email us or (soon) place your order directly on our website and we’ll have your favorites delivered to you as soon as they’re ready.